Brain Matter on 5-West

Overcoming Mental Illness with Humor and Faith

'Brain Matter: Overcoming Mental Illness with Humor and Faith', by Rev. Jenny Terrero Rivera, contains short stories, poems and essays, both fictional and autobiographical.
"Brain Matter" discusses the author's personal experiences with Mental Health. It also shares the challenges she faced as a mother, trying to help her children confront and conquer Mental health struggles of their own.
NOW AVAILABLE: This New, re-edited version features brand new content!

It is important that the heart, the mind and the words we speak

are in continual agreement.

Rev. Jen Terrero Rivera



Hear the truth,....believe the truth,....receive the truth,.... apply the truth...and the truth will bring you freedom and healing.

Rev. Jen Terrero Rivera



Enter into God's healing process and prepare for the greatest adventure of your Life!

Rev. Jen Terrero Rivera


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