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About the Author




I am the author of two books -"The Big Apple Turns Brown When You Slice It - Selected poems and Essays of My Nuyorican Culture" (hardcopy available - and "Brain Matter on-5 West - Overcoming Mental Illness with Humor and Faith." (only available as an eBook Download on my "Books" page). I also have a spoken word version of 'The Big Apple Turns Brown When You Slice It' on CD available upon request, while supplies last. 

I have also written and published 11 spiritually-based Self-Help Booklets, which are modeled after the healing workshops I have conducted for churches. These Booklets are designed to help people who are struggling to overcome life-controlling issues.

I am also a visual artist and singer. All of my books touch on some parts of my life as a survivor of sexual abuse, addictions, and mental illness. They also touch on experiences with in-patient treatment, overcoming a dysfunctional family history, adopting healthy behaviors, and my life today as an ordained Minister and mother of four healthy, God-loving adult children who have battled eating disorders, addiction, trauma, and mental illness. One of my books entitled "The Other Sheep Under God's Rainbow " was inspired by one of my children's struggles as someone who is Christian and Gay.


The goal of my writing is to help individuals or groups with the healing and recovery process. The literature is Biblically based but reaches out to all to show how God and one's personal desire to achieve recovery can help us to heal, or to better understand various issues and challenges we all struggle with through the course of our lives. The goal of this page is to share support and encouragement to those that need it because from time to time, we all need encouragement and to let those facing difficulties know that they are not alone; To say that it is all right not to be perfect, that it is okay to need help and that it is a bold commitment to face the issues that cause you pain. It is vital in the healing process to understand how they have developed in order to overcome them and heal. I can assure you that if you study and apply my healing booklets you will heal and the struggles you face today will inspire you to help and bless others you encounter in their healing process.

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