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The Other Sheep Under God's Rainbow

What Does It mean to be Christian and Gay, Chosen and Gay
This short Book (under 100 pages), by Reverend Jenny Terrero Rivera, was in Her Words, “inspired by God and directed by the Holy Spirit.
 It was written over the course of several years. The Purpose of this book is to encourage God’s GLBTI Children to hang on to their faith and their Love of God, their own self-worth and the precious gift of Salvation that God has given to them.” Along with being Spiritually inspired, this book is also based on the Author’s individual study of Biblical scriptures on the subject of Human Sexuality, cross-referenced and contrasted with her studies of various Biblical scholars, theologians as well as Jewish Rabbi’s studies on the subject of God, The Bible and Homosexuality. References to this research can be found in the bibliography of this book.


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*Please be advised that some of this literature relates to mature subject matter.